Central Park:  Green Star Apartment Complex!
by Whitney Anderson

Hailey Harding and Heather Spencer, Property Mangers with Central Park, stand next to recycling station.


Central Park Apartment complex has become one of the newest members of Meridian Township’s Green Star recycling program, and is now even more dedicated to helping the township reach its recycling goals.      


The apartment complex, located in Okemos at 5205 Madison Ave., began to offer recycling to its community members when it opened 14 years ago.  In early 2009, the complex became a Green Star business.


Central Park joins Edgewood Village, 2900 Place and Marsh Pointe as the fourth local apartment complex to become a Green Star business. 


The Meridian Commercial Recycling Group established the Green Star program as a way to accomplish its goals of promoting recycling, said LeRoy Harvey, the recycling and energy coordinator of Meridian Township and a member of MCRG.


“We wanted to recognize and appreciate those businesses that are recycling and practicing other waste reduction techniques.  It has since become a great way to share information amongst businesses and community members.”


Since contacted by the Green Star program, the Central Park community has become more conscious of the township’s recycling goals, said Heather Spencer, property manager for Central Park.  The apartment complex intends to use the resources provided by the Green Star program to further its recycling efforts.


“We are always open to community and township suggestions to become more actively involved in recycling,” said Haley Harding, property manager for Central Park. 


Of the 402 apartments in the Central Park community, about 25 percent use the recycling services, Spencer said.  Spencer and other property managers hope to expand participation by increasing awareness of recycling goals and opportunities.


Recycling tips and information often are included in the monthly newsletter distributed throughout the Central Park community.

 “A lot of people these days are concerned about the environment and willing to recycle,” Spencer said.  “The biggest thing is just making tenants aware that we offer recycling and getting the word out.”  


Central Park has a large disposal bin onsite.  Tenants simply dump their recyclable products into the bin, which is picked up biweekly by Granger Recycling.


“The ease of our program is what makes it work so well,” Spencer said. 


Central Park recycles office paper, newspaper, aluminum, glass, plastic, computer ink and toner.


To join the Green Star initiative, a business must regularly recycle at least two items.  On average Green Star businesses recycle six different products, Harvey said.       


There are several ways to join the Green Stars including by phone, e-mail, and on-line at www.meridian.mi.us .   Participants receive a window decal and an information packet about recycling options.


One of the biggest perks of becoming a Green Star member is the ability for businesses to learn from each other, Harvey said. 


“A lot of times people do not even realize that some products can be recycled.  Information sharing is a huge benefit.”


To get recycling news or more information about becoming a Green Star member, go to www.meridian.mi.us and click recycling.


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