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2012 Green Community Challenge

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Climate Action Plan (proposal & info)

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program  EECBG

Green Communities Challenge  (resolution

About the Green Communities Challenge

Meridian Green Community 2010 Progress Report

Meridian's EECBG Plan (Summary)  PDF  HTML  WORD

Purpose of EECBG: 

  • reduce fossil fuel emissions in a manner that is environmentally sustainable
  • maximize benefits for local and regional communities
  • reduce the total energy use
  • improve energy efficiency in the building sector, the transportation sector, and other appropriate sectors.

Description of EECBG  (DOE Home Page)

Energy Improvement Priorities  (through Rebuild Michigan Energy Evaluation)



Green Review

Energy Programs From Local Utilities






ICLEI Energy Office Initiative


Michigan Municipal League (MML)

Michigan Energy Programs and Initiatives

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National Clean Diesel Funding Initiative

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