Meridian Recycling Event
Volunteer Guidelines

Thank you for being a part of the Meridian Volunteer Recycling Team!  You always get great compliments and praise in our surveys for being courteous, helpful, and well-informed!     These guidelines are intended to help you help each other and others.  If you have suggestions, please send them to!     


Important Stuff


  • Please park in the volunteer parking area.  There are also bike racks available.  Share a ride!

  • Check in at the Volunteer Check-In Table/Tent

  • See a map and flyer here  

  • Several volunteer shifts are available:  8-10:30, 10-1, and/or 12:30-3ish. 

  • Gloves are encouraged at most stations.  Please bring your own (to ensure good fit).  Some gloves will be available at check in.

  • Please wear your Recycling T-Shirt (over other clothing).  Bring extra clothing/protection for potential rain or cold conditions.   Sturdy shoes are required.

  • When you arrive at your station, introduce yourself and familiarize yourself with procedures.

  • Please notify your team if you leave.  If you need to take a break on your shift, please return promptly.

  • Smile frequently :-)


(Courtesy of MSU Bikes, MSU Recycling, and Share-A-Bike)


  • Greet customer.  Find bicycles and/or parts, encourage customer to stay in vehicle.

  • Set aside bicycles/parts as directed by crew leader (MSU Bikes or Share-a-Bike personnel).  Take care to protect vehicle from scratches. 

  • Load bikes and parts as directed by MSU Bikes or Share-a-Bike staff.

  • At 2pm, collect any traffic cones/signs and return them to check-in. 




Document Shredding (Fall only)


Materials:   gloves

  • Greet customers and encourage them to stay in vehicles. 

  • Secure shredding will occur off-site at Friedland..  The truck locked at the end of the day and police will be on duty nearby for added security.  Friedland will also offer shredding FREE to residents who say they are from the Meridian Event.   

  • Limit of approximately 10 boxes per household/business.  More can be taken to Friedland.

  • No 3-ring binders.


Egg Cartons
(courtesy of Titus Farms)

  • Greet customer and encourage them to stay in vehicle.

  • Collect clean, dozen-size egg cartons only.

  • Stack neatly in large clear plastic bags.





  • Only unbroken (re-sellable) newer (less than 10 years old) items

  • If they have other stuff -- they can take to the Meridian Recycling Center (5976 E. Lake Dr)

  • See household items below.

Furniture & Household Items
(Volunteers of America & Goodwill)


Materials:   gloves 

  • Greet customers and encourage customer to stay in vehicle.

  • Get help for larger items as needed.

  • Items accepted furniture with NO rips or stains. No broken items… clean & in working order only; No refinishing needed;  No water damage or bowing; No paint or chemicals; No mattresses or box springs;

    No hollow-core doors, aluminum sliding glass doors; single pane windows or shower doors or lumber.


  • See guidelines here.


Glass  (currently not collected)


  • Container glass  (all colors) can be taken to Meridian Recycling Center, 5976 E. Lake Dr.



(courtesy of Friedland)


Materials: sturdy gloves


  • Greet customer.  Ask where metals are in vehicle.  Encourage customer to stay in vehicle.

  • Remove metals and move to container or nearby as directed by Green Team member/crew leader.  Take care to protect customer vehicle.  Customer is done.

  • Crew leader helps ensure things are stacked high and tight to ensure the container doesn’t fill up too quickly. 


  • Load items containing refrigerant in a separate container if available.

  • Dehumidifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators etc. to help keep people from tripping over things.

  • If container looks like it will fill, contact Ellen or LeRoy to order new container.... or add to unit with freon-containing items.

  • Last shift: clean up!  At 2pm, collect all signs, traffic cones, etc., and return them to check-in.


Packing Peanuts
(courtesy of BestWay Pack-N-Send & )


Materials: large clear plastic bags, twist ties, masking tape

  • Collect clean packing peanuts only!  Colors can be mixed.  No starch-based peanuts.
    Greet customers and encourage them to stay in vehicle.  Ask where packing peanuts are in vehicle. 

  • If customer has other polystyrene/Styrofoam they can take it to Meridian Recycling Center, 5976 E. Lake Dr. which is open until 5pm   Customer is done.

  • When customers are gone, or attended to by others, carefully transfer peanuts to large bags.  Close full bags with twist ties and load into van.

  • Last shift: clean up!  At 2pm, close van (do not lock).  Collect materials and return them to check-in.

(courtesy of E Paint Recycling)

  • Greeter – have person put car in PARK or turn off engine and pop trunk/open door/etc and  remind -- $1/can or container (even small or large containers)

  • Can counter - Count cans and tell Cash Collector.

  • Unloaders:  move cans to cart to count/sort – then move to Jim’s trailor/truck

  • Cash collector:   bucket for cash, make change if needed – get receipt only if needed

  • Record Keeper:  put tally on sheet of # of cans and $ collected




(courtesy of Ingham County Health Department, Meridian Police Department, and Local Pharmacists)

Materials: large trash bags, twist ties, plastic gloves

  • Greet customer, take meds to sorting table(s).  Do not accept sharps or mercury.  Customer is done.

  • When customer is gone, or attended to by others, sort and dispose of meds as directed by Pharmacist. 

  • Last shift: at 2pm, begin clean-up.  Controlled substances move under the direction of officer on duty.  Non-controlled meds will be taken as directed by coordinator, police officer, or Health Dept. personnel.  Return closed pill bottle bags, tables, chairs, and any other materials to check-in.

  • Pharmacist or Station Leader Make Sure The Following Occur 

    • Controlled substance (Red C) placed in container from police dept.  All personal info crossed off from containers and empty container can be place in blue barrel.

    • Non-controlled substances put in barrels provided by Health Dept.

    • Leave liquids in their containers.

    • Police officer on duty helps where needed to ensure smooth operation and compliance with law.

    • 2 pharmacists on duty if possible.

    • If material is co-mingled, determine if bag goes with controlled or non-controlled.

    • Ongoing drop-off is available at Police Station (controlled) and at Health Dept or Participating "Yellow Jug" pharmacies (non-controlled)




Materials: gloves, work clothes (you will get dirty & wet)

  • Interlace tires.  Lay first tire flat. Lean next tires against each other. Reverse leaning direction on each successive row.  
    The National Transportation Safety Board says the recall system for flawed tires is "broken," the Associated Press reported Tuesday. REUTERS/Chris Helgren

  • Keep track of each type of tire:   car, semi, tractor, on/off rim




Materials: vests, clickers, donation buckets, flyers, cones, stop sign

  • Focus: the focus of traffic duty is to a) guide vehicles as quickly and smoothly as possible off main roadways and into the recycling area(s), b) direct vehicles to appropriate stations, and c) count cars, collect donations, and hand out flyers as directed.

  • Street Entry: aid entry to recycling area(s).  If there is a line, please keep chatting to a minimum.  If back-up occurs, it may be necessary to halt all traffic, allowing 5-10 vehicles from each direction in turn to move forward.  Keep traffic moving.  If necessary, aid with exiting vehicles.  

  • Recycle Entry: use clicker to count cars.  Greet customer, quickly ask them what they have to recycle.  Direct them to appropriate station(s).  Keep traffic moving!

  • Exit: thank customers.  Keep donation bucket clearly visible.  Hand out flyers as directed, aid exit.  If asked, explain that donations go toward costs for roll-offs, tents, port-a-johns, t-shirts, etc.

  • Others: keep aware of traffic, volunteers, and pedestrians.  Guide vehicles through recycling area.

  • Last shift: at 2pm, stations will begin to clean up.  Use your judgment as to when traffic has lessened enough for you to do the same.  Collect any cones, signs, and other materials, and return them to check-in.  Return donation buckets and clickers to coordinator.

Volunteer Food & Refreshments

We continuously welcome new donors, and we encourage you to patronize all of our supporting businesses!

Please contact Elaine at 


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