How can I be sure my electronics recycling is not going to end up polluting the air, water, people, ecosystem, and/or soil?

The 4Rs are a helpful guide:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink!  

Reduce:  do I need this latest giga-gizmo?     Watch "The Story of Stuff"

Reuse:  can someone else use it when Iím done?  Can I donate or freecycle it?

Recycle (responsibly):  Recycle with folks you trust!  

Rethink:   Keep learning about options that make sense.  Do we need stronger policies?  Should we pay more for sound recycling procedures when we buy stuff?  Next time you buy... consider purchasing energy efficient products.  See what a difference this can make with computers... HERE.   Operate electronics wisely.   Many devices use more energy, coal, gas, etc.. when they are not being used, than when they are!  Turn those suckers OFF.  Use smart power strips.  Use power saving settings.  Stop "phantom power loss."

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