Tree, Leaf, & Brush Options
in Meridian Township

If you have fallen leaves, limbs, or other organic yard "waste," there are many options.... 

  1. Meridian Recycling Center takes yard waste for $2/bag (30 gal. paper), $15/cu. yard. $5 for Christmas trees (bare/no bag). 
  2. Granger takes yard waste and branches up to 15" in diameter x 8' long.    $2/30 gal paper bag.  Open  7am-3pm (Mon thru Friday) and Saturday (7am-noon) at 16500 Wood Rd., Lansing.   Granger also has residential pick up options.   517-372-2800   
  3. Consider composting or grasscycling to recycle your leaves and grass and improve your landscape.   More on yard waste, composting, and grasscycling:  click here
  4. Look under these headings in the yellow pages for help:
    1. tree service
    2. landscape contractors
    3. lawn maintenance
    4. rental services (chipper/shredder, chainsaws, etc.)
    5. firewood
  1. Call 211.  211 is a community information and referral service that may have suggestions, depending upon where you live and other circumstances (income, level of emergency, etc.)
  2. Talk to your neighbors.  They may have personal contacts and contractors that can help or a compost pile you can feed.  Community gardeners may also want/need your leaves and grass clippings.
  3. Other:  Send ideas to and I'll add them here!



updated 2/2/17