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Wardcliff Community Garden

We have about 38+ gardeners at Wardcliff this year and have doubled our gardening area.  Recent pics from Marty Chilvers...


Northwind Community Garden

            Much is new and fresh at Northwind Community Garden.  In April nine trees on the southern border were taken down to allow sun to reach new plots. Brian Hicks underwrote that project as well as the purchase of apple trees to replace them.

            With assistance from the Garden Project, fourteen new plots were tilled, nearly doubling our size.  Over 40 adults work  32 gardens and over a dozen offspring of those gardeners, from the teens to the twos, are involved at the garden in some fashion.  We have approximately 8000 sq feet under cultivation, plus a number of raspberry plants, 4 apple trees, and a variety of raised beds featuring asparagus and herbs and vining plants like squash and cucumbers.  Sweet potatoes have been planted in a cold frame on an experimental basis.

            We received assistance from the Garden Project through contracted tilling,  the delivery of compost and a new shed for our tools.  A number of our gardeners signed up with the Garden Project for free plants and seeds.  The majority of the plants in the donation plots came from the Garden Project.        

            We have an additional wheelbarrow, donated by Eric, one of our returning gardeners, and now have a total of three.  Pam E. donated a tiller, which has been put to good use.  Many tools - shovels, rakes, and hoes - have found their way into our shed.  Pam also managed a delivery of horse manure for fertilizer. 

            Our new sign was painted by Candace M, another returning gardener, based on a design formulated for our tee-shirts last year by Desiree and Aimee.   Jim Bignall oversaw the construction of a bean tepee and the boxes around it, with some assistance from me and Michelle Marushia.  Michelle, Tim B, and Suzanne have been adding soil and plants to finish the job.

            We have a dual hose system now (with water provided by Elfco) so that the front plots and the back plots can be watered simultaneously.  We are looking forward to instituting a rain barrel system in the near future.

            With our burgeoning organization some tasks have been delegated.  Jim Bignall is our treasurer.  Desiree Winans has taken charge of dispersing donations from the donation plot.  Dawn Parker has agreed to manage the Facebook page. 

            Unique structures have sprung up in all areas, from Jim B's grapevine bean trellis to the bean tepee to Andrew and Michelle's wattle fence and string ladder for climbing cucumbers, and so on.  The gateway arch (which blew down over the winter and again in the spring) has been refurbished and morning glories will be making their way upward soon.  Many of the flowers in the boxes beside the arch returned and have been supplemented with other flowers planted by Kevena. 

            We also have a new mower to put in the new shed, thanks to Jim B and Tim B.  And, because of the expanded gardening area, we have a lot less grass to mow. 




Okemos International Community Garden (School Garden Addition)

The school garden section  garden at Central Cedar Creek Garden  consists of 8 raised beds that will focus on growing fresh foods that can be enjoyed by students at Okemos Public Montessori at Central School. It is also an opportunity for students to interact and learn from the many diverse community gardeners from Cedar Creek that also garden there.  


CSA Possibility

A new CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) project in Okemos behind Meijer is looking for subscribers for weekly/monthly produce, or plot renters.  Call Will White at 349-3806, or e-mail him at


There are now at least 9 active community gardens or CSA in Meridian Township.  Here are a couple inspiring updates from 2010.....



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2010 Updates

Community gardens are underway all over the township!  Thanks to support from the Greater Lansing Food Bank Garden Project, Trustee Lynn Ochberg, and dozens of local leaders and volunteers!    

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