10-7-14 Email


Thank you for your interest in the beautification of the roundabout at Burcham and Park Lake.


You are receiving this because you have been involved, may be involved in the future, and/or know someone with potential interest in this project.


There are some exciting developments that I thought I’d share:

1)      Ethel Anthony suggested roundabout improvements to the Township and others.

2)      Township management (Frank Walsh, Ray Severy, Mark Kieselbach, Brett Dreyfus, and possibly others) supported the idea of improvements.

3)      Martha Wyatt, Associate Planner with Meridian Township, has prepared a landscape plan which is up for comment and suggestions.

4)      Art Cameron, Director of MSU Horticulture Gardens and MSU Hort. Professor, has offered to help find plants next spring.

5)      Trevor Hoover, Manager of Meridian Recycling Center, has offered to provide mulch.

6)      Several potential contractors have been approached for initial site preparation.

7)      Ingham Road Department has offered technical advice.

8)      Peter Menser, Associate Planner with Meridian Twp, is applying for a permit.

9)      Residents or staff at Burcham Hills, Southeast Marble, Bear Lake, Sapphire Lakes, and Keystone have offered to help and/or share ideas.

If you have particular suggestions or your “group” would like to “adopt a plot” in the roundabout, please let me know.  I will keep you posted as this project moves forward.  Also, I’ve created a website to help keep track of progress at http://recycle.meridian.mi.us/roundabout


Thanks  for being a part of it,




LeRoy Harvey




PS  If you’d like your name removed from this e-mail group, just let me know.