Hey Friends of the Roundabout,


Thanks to you, things are moving forward with a vision and plan for the Roundabout at Burcham and Park Lake Rd.  Your guidance with next steps would be appreciated!


Most recently, thanks Peter Menser from Meridianís Community Planning & Development for submitting the Permit Application and the Ingham Road Department for approving improvements to the Roundabout.  Alicia Bleil from Luke Landscape.com has also been hugely helpful by providing an alternate design and estimate.  See more on this here.   The sobering Ė but not wholly unexpected reality is that this is going to take some time, money, and energy to get off the ground.  


Installation costs for the latest proposed designs range from $8500-$10,000.  In-kind contributions will certainly offset this, but itís likely we will have to explore potential involvement/support/contributions/etc. from:

         local, county, state government

         citizens and/or local businesses, MSU, service clubs, etc.

         foundations or grants

         utilities/ITC (manages electric poles/lines)

         cost saving options


What additional ideas to you have? 


Thanks again,




LeRoy Harvey