Dear Friends,


As the snow rapidly melts, it’s time to start planning how we’re going to move forward on the Burcham/Park Lake Roundabout!


Last year, a resident expressed an interest improving the appearance of the roundabout at Park Lake and Burcham.   Interest has grown and now, many residents and a couple local businesses/neighborhood organizations/etc. have become interested… some offering to provide physical help, maintenance, installation, mulch, etc.   More at


We are now trying to get these ideas off … er… in the ground!  


Have any of you had experience with fundraising sites like?
or others?

Would any of you like to research what tool (if any) might work best?

This could be a way to support project ideas/neighborhood improvements/etc.   Combined with other social media outreach, the impact could be amplified.


Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.




LeRoy Harvey



PS   There are also some interesting ways that similar sites can help with citizen engagement and problem-solving… like identifying potential safe bike routes, pathway priorities, sidewalk/road improvements, etc.    Here’s an interesting article on “crowdsourcing”  which mentions MindMixer – a tool we used for the past two years through a sustainability grant.