Dear Friends,


Several of you have shown interest in the roundabout at Park Lake and Burcham.   As Fall approaches, nows probably a good time to do some mulching/planting!


This is a unique opportunity to collaborate on a rather unique asset in (and between) our communities and neighborhoods. 


Martha Wyatt, a Planner with Meridian Township, has come up with an initial design that includes some low-growing, drought-tolerant, and rather salt-tolerant plantings.  See more details here:    Thank you Martha for this great start!



We currently have some mulch at our Recycling Center that could be used to improve the soil.   Art Cameron, MSU Horticulture Professor and Director of MSU Horticulture Gardens, has a lead on some plants.   Frank Walsh, Township Manager, has offered to run it by the Ingham County Road Department for input.   Ginger Ogilvie and John Sarver are nearby residents, and perhaps could help rally some neighborhood support.   The Garden Activity Coordinator at Burcham Hills has also been approached to assist.  Im willing to draft an action plan (see below)* and also spread mulch and/or weed occasionally.  Trevor Hoover, who manages the Meridian Recycling Center, has offered mulch if we can get it loaded and hauled soon.   Perhaps you have some ideas or suggestions?


Thanks for your interest,




Draft/Brainstorm Action Plan & Steps

        Share ideas

        Compile ideas and suggestions (design, plan, install, maintain)

        Modify design and plans

        Seek approval as needed

        Get donations of materials, plants, labor

        Work day(s) scheduled

        Install silt fence

        Call Miss Dig (to avoid electrical, phone, gas, water lines)

        Spread mulch

        Plant plants


        Maintain Site (coordinate volunteers/contractors/etc.)