Roundabout Update  9/23/14


Last week, Ray talked to the Road Department (Bill Conklin and Bob Peterson).  The Road Department supports the general concept* and requested that we submit a permit application and site plan.  It was suggested that the rocks and the pathway in the original plan be eliminated.  Ray suggested that Peter, who recently submitted a permit for another roundabout, could help with the application.

Martha revised the drawing to reflect these changes.  See latest draft here.

Art Cameron (Haslett resident, MSU Hort. Professor and Horticulture Garden Director) and LeRoy met at the roundabout to discuss the project.   Walking the site and talking with Art provided some insights to consider:

  1. The space is large (cumulatively bigger than the several gardens that the the Haslett Beautification Assoc. currently manages).  We may want to simplify the design further, due to the amount of maintenance that would be required with the latest design -- depending upon discussions with neighbors and others potentially involved.  Annual mulching and regular weeding and mowing will be helpful. HBA meets on Wednesdays and Sherry Middlewood might be a good resource person (for suggestions). 

  2. This fall, we should focus on site preparation.   LeRoy will talk to engineers about what's under the dirt.  He will also ask for help (possibly estimates) with site prep., tilling, weed eradication, etc.   Volunteers could then help with mulch spreading.   Martha, Ray, or others might be helpful in tweaking the final layout and design to deal with issues of drainage, position of planting beds.

  3. Over the fall and winter, Art is willing to solicit donations of plants and provide guidance on site prep.  MI Landscape and Nursery Assoc. might be helpful with plants.  His major concern is long term maintenance and feels that site prep and planting will be minor compared to maintenance.   For this reason, a bit more planning for low-maintenance and a maintenance plan could be fruitful. 

  4. While this is different than a community garden, we could gain insights from the "Community Garden" model.  A Garden Leader (or LEADERS) does not have to do everything -- just help ensure that steps are completed in a timely manner.   See a description of "Ten Steps..." and other info here:  .