The Story

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A roundabout was completed in 2013..... Read More   Here are a few pictures.   Why a roundabout?     

In 2014, a concerned resident contacted Meridian Township Clerk about overgrowth at the roundabout located in the intersection of Park Lake and Burcham.  The Township Manager asked the Community Development and Planning Department for ideas.  Marth Wyatt sketched an Initial Drawing.  

With no budget to support the effort, additional ideas and expertise were sought from community.  Art Cameron, Director of MSU Horticulture Gardens, Alicia Bleil (Greenspace Design & Contracting), residents, and others responded with ideas and offers to assist.   LeRoy Harvey put together an Action Plan


Peter Menser, Associate Planner, submitted a permit request to Ingham County Road Dept.  Three Contractors are asked for bids.   On Nov 10, 2014 the Permit was approved.  

A local Landscape Architect agreed to help coordinate renovation.  Interested residents were updated on progress on the project on 12-5-15, following earlier updates and requests for ideas and assistance on  5-20-14    9-4-14  9-23-14    10-7-14  and  3-12-15.

Local businesses and residents continue to offer suggestions and help.  A GoFundMe site has been created.  

In early 2016, the project was renamed the "Hidden River Rain Garden"  A stream, now covered up, flows through an adjacent neighborhood.  This name also reflects the water enhancing qualities of the project.  See research and maps of the "Hidden River" here.

Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council helped recruit volunteers for three work days, wrote a grant proposal, and was awarded a mini-grant to assist with the project.

Currently, this team is working on remaining planting, weeding, and watering.

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